UNEP-WCMC (2023). A monitoring framework for destructive fishing. UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Cambridge UK

Fishing, if poorly managed, can have destructive impacts on the health, diversity and resilience of marine ecosystems. SDG 14 on the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans aims to end destructive fishing practices. However, the term “destructive fishing” remains poorly understood. There is no globally agreed definition for "destructive fishing" and there are no indicators to track its prevalence and impact. Better understanding how destructive fishing can be measured will help inform policy and management responses to address it. Drawing upon previous efforts to define the term 'destructive fishing' and the views of fisheries experts, this document explores how “destructive fishing” could be quantified and monitored. The document presents an illustrative global-level monitoring framework, providing examples of existing data and indicators that can be used to monitor the various facets of destructive fishing. This framework needs to be adapted to local priorities, context and capacity. It therefore seeks to provide a starting point for stakeholder consultations and discussions as well as highlighting key areas for knowledge generation and compilation.