UNEP-WCMC. (2022) Nature and People UNEP-WCMC Strategy 2022-25. UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, United Kingdom. URL:

The strategy we present here is our response to this crisis as we work towards a positive vision of a world living in harmony with nature. It will be used to provide direction and purpose to all the work we do and to help us communicate clearly what we are aiming to achieve to current and prospective partners.

The new strategy signals how UNEP-WCMC will have an impact, in four related “impact areas”, supported by the Centre’s “innovation areas” on digital transformation, science, and policy guidance.

The Centre’s four priority impact areas are:

  • Nature conserved: covering work to ensure sustainability in the international trade in wildlife, promote nature connectivity, and support governments and others to strengthen networks of protected and conserved areas
  • Nature restored: sharing knowledge and insights on the importance of restoring land and ocean ecosystems, as well as the opportunities to improve sustainability and resilience of agricultural systems
  • Nature-based solutions: strengthening the use of nature-based solutions to climate change and championing the dependence of human health on the health of the natural world
  • Nature economy: identifying leverage points to transform global economic systems, including through providing data platforms and metrics to help governments, businesses and investors understand impacts and dependencies on nature