UNEP-WCMC. (year). EU Timber Regulation Country Overview: [insert country name]. Cambridge (UK): UNEP-WCMC.

Biannual overviews of the checks performed by EU Member States and EEA Competent Authorities to enforce the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation, compiled on behalf of the European Commission by UNEP-WCMC in close cooperation with the Member States Competent Authorities. Overviews of timber source countries are produced by UNEP-WCMC on behalf of the European Commission to support the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation. They contain information such as forest status, timber trade statistics, risks of illegality and relevant national legislation. Information on the risks of illegality from different timber source countries and timber supply chains assists the work of Competent Authorities in applying a risk-based approach to planning their checks on operators. It also assists operators, who are required to undertake a risk management exercise as part of their Due Diligence System. These overviews have been subject to external peer review and will be updated periodically based on available information.